Why invest in REIT?

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Starting your REIT journey is simple

Easy access to real estate investment trusts through brokers and apps like eToro or Trading 212 lets you invest in real estate and receive income fast and simple. Unless your existing ISA steadily delivers 6% return or more, looking at REITs is going to be a wise move. Also you can start your real estate journey with as much (or as little) money as is comfortable with you.

Investing in REITs is a great way of diversifying your investment strategy and taking advantage of the wide variety of sectors these Trusts cater to, which helps you grow your capital.

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REITLog is an independent FinTech software consultancy and media business specialising in real estate market research with a focus on real estate investment trusts. We are the publisher of the REITLog Index – a stock index that evaluates and rates growth potential of businesses working in this sector. Our Index currently contains a global list of over 200 REITs.  We invite you to grow with us – be informed and invest smarter.

Our mission is to bring clarity to real estate investment trusts by providing up-to-date news and research.

Along with comprehensive analysis of the latest performance data. Our goal is to empower investors, who are looking for profitable investments in this space, with all the information they need to make decisions.

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